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Social Distance Challenge

Hello Runners! During the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen an unprecedented amount of job loss. Many schools are no longer serving lunches to children who may only get that one guaranteed meal a day. Numerous churches are running out of food to offer those in need. This is not acceptable! Resolute Running wants to change that, and we need your help!
While we may not be able to all come together physically to make a difference, we can come together socially to do our part. Plus, we will have some fun along the way!
Please join us for the 3/6/12/24 hour Social Distance Challenge to be held on May 2, 2020.
Every participant will receive a “We Are in this Together Social Distance Challenge” shirt. The shirts will be mailed at the conclusion of the event.
100% of the proceeds of this event will go to the Central Alabama Food Bank.
There are four event categories to choose from, and the rules are simple.
  • 3 Mile / 3 Hour Challenge
  • 6 Mile / 6 Hour Challenge
  • 12 Mile / 12 Hour Challenge
  • 24 Mile / 24 Hour Challenge
  1. On May 2nd you will complete the number of miles you signed up for, within the allotted hours of that challenge. For instance, if you signed up for the 6 Mile / 6 Hour Challenge, you need to complete 6 miles (run or walk), within 6 hours. How you do so is completely up to you! You can complete 1 mile an hour, 6 all at once, or any combination of your choosing.
  2. You will run or walk these miles in your neighborhood, on the trails, or wherever you would like!
  3. Afterwards, make sure to post your results on social media and use this hashtag: #RRtogether
At the conclusion of the event, we will search through all the


May 02 2020


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